3 thoughts on “God’s Reminder

  1. Thanks for getting us focused with these great reminders from Scripture.One thing that used to frighten me about growing old was the thought that someday I may run out of dreams. These days I don’t know what I’m “dreaming” of, but I’m learning that’s OK. My aim each day is to stay faithful in what God has called me to do. Much of this involves commitment to prayer for a number of things and people. I pray roughly the same things every day, but it doesn’t get boring. Every day I see Him answer, often in ways that surprise me. So rather than have a long-term goal, I am taking one day at a time and saying, “I wonder what God is going to do TODAY?” And the constant fellowship with Him in indescribably precious.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. I am happy to learn from you. ❤️ “Stay faithful in what God has called you to do…” What a great reminder. Whether big or small.

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