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Committing Plans to Him

CTTO. Just saw this photo online.

I have been really busy these days. My sister and I were doing plans for the new business that we opened. Schedules, marketing strategies, supplies and other stuff are taken cared of. Somehow I am anxious about it. It is not my first time to open a business but I just really want to be assured that the Lord is with us in this journey. I believe that business is not just about how good you are but how He will join you every step of the way.

The verse above is a great reminder that we can trust God on our plans and He will guide us. We can always trust that His plans for us are good and it will be better to share our plans with Him. There is peace, joy and assurance that everything will turn out right.

Can you share one plan that you want commit to the Lord? I will be delighted to pray for you.

3 thoughts on “Committing Plans to Him

  1. What a generous offer! Thanks for praying. I have written a fifth book that has been on “hold” for about a year. I really want to get it published soon. I will be talking with my publisher today or tomorrow and trying to get things back on track.
    Praying the Lord is glorified through your business. 😉

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    1. Wow!!!! I am glad to hear this. I will surely include this to my prayer. I am excited for your book to be published. Well, I hope I can buy that once it’s published. 💓 So excited for you. Thank you.

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