Journal Entry #5


This is my 2nd tattoo. I know, faded! I specifically liked it ’cause if I will be honest, I used cut myself before. This served me more than just a symbol engraved in my body.

Honestly, I am not very good with this kind of hurt. I am always afraid to cut myself but somehow on my darkest days, when I felt so much pain emotionally, I would rather cut to feel it physically. Emotional pain seemed to be very unbearable to me. It’s quite a great escape for me though it’s not deep cuts, mostly, many shallow cuts. I put a tattoo right there to stop me from cutting. “1999” signifies my mom’s death which I think my first ever heart break that was not really easy to overcome but I was able to mend. “;” represents ‘keep going’ sign. Since I got this tattoo, I stopped cutting myself. This has been its use since then. It became a reminder for me not to cut or hurt myself.

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