As I continue my medication, my body changed. I feel bloated, dizzy and sleepy every time. My body feels weaker than before. I always feel that I am dragging myself up and I need to fight the feeling that I need to stay in bed and get up to exercise. Today, I even cried on the threadmill! Gosh.Well, no one is forcing me to do things but I feel like I need to do it to be healthy. My hands are in constant tremors and sometimes it feels just nothing but numbness. My eyes are now extra blurry. And somehow, my heart feels weird for feeling empty and full at the same time.

But I am thankful for those people who are standing by me with all these changes, especially at work. Thankful for my family who are getting in touch always and my uncle who has been checking on me time after time and his awesome kids who makes my heart warm. Also, huge thanks to my team lead, Fabby for being such a great support in this time of changing season and health condition. Grateful as well to our company and bosses who never showed stigma on mental health but really making it always possible to help their employees.

Talking about changes, let me show you some creative changes I did to myself.

Dyed my hair Green.
Took care of my nails this time!

I think, the small changes I’ve made can be called self-care. I think it is an achievement to do these things since I always feel doing those are like a hard chore. Making a little difference and making myself a little pampered is good especially in this hard times, isn’t it? What do you think? Or you’d rather let me have pink hair? Hahaha!

Hope everyone is doing just fine. ❤️

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