She is an Answered Prayer by Joana San diego

Even before my diagnosis, I already suffered from difficulty to focus which hindered me from reading and even writing sometimes. It’s frustrating on my end because I am huge fan of reading. But since last night, I was able to read without being distracted though it’s a two-page readings only. I feel so accomplished. Thank you, Lord. 💚💚💚

Do It Again, Planetshakers

Just like what this song say, God will do it again. He will heal me just like before. In Jesus name!

2 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. That He will. Stick with Him and He will stick with you. In the beginning it takes some work but after a while you will come to not see it as work any longer but rather a communion between He and you that is special and that is when He will begin to really amaze you. His Spirit in you becomes part of you that grows with Him. Blessings Jang.

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