I know that I haven’t posted for quite awhile but let me do it now especially I have a good news.

It was not hidden to all of you that in 2020, I was diagnosed of depression. And to be honest, it kept me from writing. I always wanted this platform to be always inspiring so when the time came that I was not inspiring at all, I stopped writing. My sole purpose for this is to be a source of encouragement. Anyway, as I was telling you, I had a hard time. After my diagnosis, I had to go through weekly psychotherapy, bi-weekly Psychiatrist checkups and daily medication of 4 different kinds. The situation was tough. Money wise, it really drained my wallet, if I will be honest but I really needed all of them, I know. I almost had daily panic/anxiety attacks, I was not sleeping well, and I always had nightmares. But by God’s faithfulness and grace, progress was huge.

Yesterday, I had a check up. My doctor brought a great news. She saw my improvement and informed me that starting now, I will need to see her only once in two months and she will only retain one medication and the supplement for my sleep. I am so happy. (Ps: The medication was not discontinued right away. I made progresses throughout the past few months and time spent with the doctor and medications are lessen little by little).

God is a great healer. There is nothing that He cannot heal. He is soooo good. ✨💗🔥