Beating My Inner Self

Being depressed has a lot hardships. It’s always hard to get up and do things. It’s difficult to focus and etc. But each day, I am glad that with the help of the Lord, I am given a will to get up.

Today, I beat myself. I woke up late. I usually get up 5:30 in the morning to exercise but I dragged myself up instead around 6 AM. I did my usual routine. Drink water and coffee and then exercise.

2.5 Km for 30 mins.

Since I only do walking on threadmill, I usually got 2.0 Km per 30 mins but today I reached 2.5 Km. Isn’t that a milestone? Beating myself to get up and do extra mile on exercising is something for me. Depressed or not, I think, it’s important that we became champion versus ourselves. I am guilty about always feeling defeated on different areas of my life and seeing these small wins make it a whole lot different. It makes me more excited each day. I hope there’s something that will excite you today. God bless!

PS: I already lost 2 kilos for working out in 3 weeks!


Joy-Nal Entry #2

Banana Strawberry Refrigerated Cake

After lunch today, I created this refrigerated cake for the kids. It’s really good, unexpectedly. Andre almost half it after dinner. Well, I am very happy about that. I know that this was not as creative as other cakes but, it’s delicious.

Creating things make us happy especially when it’s a success. And being happy time after time is important.

One second missing 😂

I do threadmill walking for one straight week now and it feels so good. I was really guilty of not working out for years. Been sick and not really healthy but I am glad to finally decided to go back on track. Exercising produces dopamine which is really good for everyone. You can try if you want and like me, you can start walking first. I started walking for only 15 minutes and just added more as time went by.

Doing things consistently makes you feel empowered sometimes. It feels like you’ve achieve something. There’s a sense of fulfillment. And it’s important that we feel that we achieve something for the day, or for a week. There will be a warm feeling in the heart.

What’s your joyful story today? Let me know.