Beating My Inner Self

Being depressed has a lot hardships. It’s always hard to get up and do things. It’s difficult to focus and etc. But each day, I am glad that with the help of the Lord, I am given a will to get up.

Today, I beat myself. I woke up late. I usually get up 5:30 in the morning to exercise but I dragged myself up instead around 6 AM. I did my usual routine. Drink water and coffee and then exercise.

2.5 Km for 30 mins.

Since I only do walking on threadmill, I usually got 2.0 Km per 30 mins but today I reached 2.5 Km. Isn’t that a milestone? Beating myself to get up and do extra mile on exercising is something for me. Depressed or not, I think, it’s important that we became champion versus ourselves. I am guilty about always feeling defeated on different areas of my life and seeing these small wins make it a whole lot different. It makes me more excited each day. I hope there’s something that will excite you today. God bless!

PS: I already lost 2 kilos for working out in 3 weeks!