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In this time of hardships, where do you find joy or happiness?

I am a person who’s always in deep thought of true meaning of happiness. I even disagreed with someone’s Philosophy that “Happiness is the goal of life.” For I believe that not all things that makes us happy are good and we always have to evaluate that.

I must admit, I have been unhappy these days and smiles are nowhere to be found. I have been swallowed by my past and present circumstance. But while I was praying, God reminded me that He’s the ultimate source of joy and the only thing I should do is surrender. I wildly cried as I poured out my heart but you know what’s the best part? I found joy, happiness and peace after. It will only be found in Him.

I hope today, if you are looking for joy, happiness and peace, you come to Him because He will be glad to take care of you. (Matthew 11:28 & Deuteronomy 32:10)

DescriptiveParagraph · FlashFiction


I remember loving to observe you from the features of your face and to how you looked at me. Little did I know that as much as it gives me joy, it gives me pain too.

Your features, they’re handsome as ever. You have these thick eyebrows, and pointed nose. Oh, I adore that nose. I love pinching it. You also have those thin lines of lips that I used to kiss, and small eyes which were used to look at me intently. Those were your features I always enjoy to look at each and every time.

And I remember it clearly how you looked at me. Once, you held my face, tucked my hair on my ear then trace your fingers in every single part of my face while your eyes, they focus on me like they want to tell me I am special, that you will be always there, and that I am beautiful despite my imperfections.

But then, I saw you last time, you barely looked at me. Your eyes aren’t the same. They changed. What I saw was indifference. It pains me to see that but I guess those were the indication that maybe just maybe, you are no longer happy with me.